TOP headphones. The Best Wireless Headphones of 2021

  • 21 Nisan 2022
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TOP headphones. The Best Wireless Headphones of 2021

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TOP headphones. Best wireless headphones of 2021

At one time, the “completely wireless” headphone format (TWS – True Wireless Stereo) was invented by Apple. However, the products of the Cupertino giant are very expensive, about 16,000 rubles. And more and more often, observers, and even ordinary users, come to the conclusion that Apple’s "ears" do not justify their price. The consumer greatly overpays just for a fashion brand. Fortunately, alternatives to "apple" headphones with much lower prices are now full – there are plenty to choose from. Here is our list of the best wireless earbuds of 2021. Of course, the year has just begun, so as new interesting models are released, we will update the materials in the rating.

Top headphones 2021:

Samsung Galaxy Buds, from 7,200 rubles

TWS headphones from a famous Korean brand. Their advantages are an impressive 11 hours of battery life (together with a case – 22 hours), fast charging (3 minutes of charging = an hour of listening) and wireless charging, good sound. Headphones are comfortable for most users, they isolate well and do not fall out during active workouts. The model is presented in five colors: black, white, blue, purple and red.

Cons – for such a lot of money there is no active noise reduction, no protection against moisture, poor quality microphones. The lack of moisture protection is especially frustrating. Get caught in a heavy downpour and then wonder why the earpiece doesn’t work.

CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 and CGPods lite, from 3,500 rubles

Headphones for any phone from an ambitious Tyumen brand. Not “naked China” with labels glued on, as is often the case, but independently developed devices. By the way, CaseGuru has its own experienced engineer and programmer.

CaseGuru is Russia’s largest manufacturer of accessories for smartphones. The company has been present on the market for more than 10 years, having sold about 15 million units of products during this time. At first, the company produced accessories such as cables, protective cases and glasses. Then she took up small electronics, in particular, she launched the CGPods brand of wireless headphones. And very well!

In just a year and a half, the Tyumen "ears" broke into all the TOPs and ratings of budget wireless headphones in 2020 and continue to confidently hold high positions in 2021. The point is a combination of quality and affordable prices that is unique for the TWS headphone market. And the prices of CGPods are so low because the company does not spend money on fabulously expensive advertising and does not cooperate with federal retail chains like M.Video – headphones can be ordered exclusively on the official website and a couple of marketplaces (OZON, Wildberry). And if CGPods appeared on sale in ordinary offline stores, then instead of 3,500 rubles, they would cost all 7,000, since retailers have huge markups. CGPods are the only headphones in our ranking that are sold directly to the consumer, without the participation of intermediaries like retail chains with their margins of almost half the price.

The older model CGPods 5.0 has many advantages, despite the fact that it belongs to the budget category according to the price tag. First of all, we note an unusual case in the form of a cylinder. It is made of professional aviation aluminum, nice, pleasant to the touch. And very durable – there is a video on the network demonstrating the "endurance" of the aluminum case of the budget CGPods 5.0 and the case of 4 times more expensive Apple AirPods:

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